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Rugged, reliable and automated GPS tracking for Construction Industry..

Not only does reducing operational costs significantly affect the bottom line, but construction fleet automated with GPS tracking also directly impacts employee productivity and customer service.

Considering the value of heavy equipments & machinery used in the construction industry, cost of implementing GPS vehicle tracking system is so negligible and the benefits are awesome.

Be in charge of your fleet

TrackingHAWK’s vehicle IN/OUT management solution resolves the problem of unauthorized vehicle usage, irregular driving patterns, and unplanned stops. Easily accessed historical data allows you to create optimized vehicle routes. When implemented together with trip schedule, it allows you to quickly identify possible unauthorized vehicle usage or route deviations.

Automated gps tracking benefits construction companies to regain control over fleet

Live gps tracking benefits via reducing construction fleet operating costs

Reduce your operating costs

Construction companies fail when their budget prediction goes wrong. Fleet used in construction industry consume huge quantities of fuel and if your staffs misuse these equipments through unauthorized usage or excessive idling, results are even worse.

An automation system will help you regain control over fuel usage. Knowing the characteristics of how the vehicle is driven will allow you to reinforce operational practices based on available data. Review those who indulge in speeding, harsh braking, and heavy acceleration risking driver and vehicle safety.

Recover stolen vehicles/assets

There are few things more annoying than trying to run a fleet when one of the vehicles becomes misplaced due to a theft incident or someone towing it away.

We do know how expensive the equipment/vehicle is, and if it’s stolen, apart from loss of a resource, you will still have a lot of issues to deal with. You wouldn’t even know how long it will take you to have the vehicle recovered without a lot of hassle. Once you have a GPS tracking device installed in your heavy equipment, you could track it down the next moment and even notifies the officials quickly if that makes it easy to recover.

GPS vehicle tracking systems installed in construction equipment benefits via easy recovery of stolen assets

Reduced theft attempts of construction fleet is one of the benefits of gps tracking

Reduce theft attempts on your assets

Let’s forget about what we could do once the vehicles are stolen and think what we could do to reduce theft attempts. What if you could get alerted the next moment when your vehicles are taken out of the parking space? What if you could get alerted when the door is opened or ignition is switched on? That’s right, fleet automation is the key to your success in efficiently managing your fleet force.

Extend your vehicle/asset life

Maintenance of heavy equipments in construction sites is one other cost concern, each minute wasted on project site could damage your entire project schedule, reputation and profit. Getting reminded on time of periodic services will help you avoid these unexpected down times or challenges caused, and that’s where a simple GPS tracking system fails to meet your expectations, try fleet automation.

Extend fleet life using periodic service alerts in TrackingHAWK gps tracking

Preventing unauthorized usage of construction fleet is another benefit of gps tracking

Prevent unauthorized usage

Fact is you still do not know if your vehicles are being used at the sites as required or being taken away for unauthorized tasks in between. There are many times when a fleet owner suspects their drivers may be using company vehicles for personal reasons. This puts the company at increased risk, and adds more wear on the vehicles. A few extra hours out could earn the drivers & site supervisors a lot of money. Creating authorized work zones as virtual fences on map (geofences) could help you reduce unauthorized usage as the system sends you alert once vehicle is out of the created geofence.