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Go through our resources, find out how far have we understood the challenges you face, and how we are equipped to help you overcome those. Fleet automation is the key for all your questions in fleet management.

Tracking vehicles helps you reap benefits, but it’s not always just about vehicle tracking, there’s much more you could get with fleet automation to cut down your operational losses.

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help_outlineFrequently Asked Questions


    How does it work?
  • Is my data private & secure?
  • How large (or small) of a fleet does this support?
  • I have many vehicles. Do I pay per vehicle?

  • How do I get it installed in my vehicle?

    Usually our technician takes approximately 2 hours to set it up in a vehicle. You could as well get the GPS device installed by any automobile electrician in your locality. We would provide you with an install guide to help get it installed.

  • Can I view my vehicles and reports from a phone?

    Of-course. TrackingHAWK fleet automation is now available on Android & iOS devices too; monitor your fleet 24/7.
    We focus on bringing the information that you require, right towards you and that is where we stay different.

  • How do I view my vehicles online?

    After GPS tracking device is installed in your vehicles, send email to our activation team with your company name and device serial number. You will then be provided with an online account login name and password.

  • How accurate is your GPS tracking system?

    Our industry leading 10 second updates provide you with the most accurate information available about your fleet. Our maps are among the most accurate in the industry and we pride ourselves on our commitment to continually improving our services.


    I do not want my drivers to be aware of TrackingHAWK GPS tracker in the car. Can I install it and track without them knowing?

    Yes. A good installation is virtually undetectable by the driver. It is important to follow the instructions given in the installation guide to ensure the tracker is both hidden and fully functional. Contact us if you need help with installation.

  • How long does it take to install the unit in the vehicle?

    30 minutes to 1 hour depending on the vehicle. Our trained personnel will install the vehicle device. Once the vehicle has been installed, it takes another 10 to 15 minutes to configure the system for live use.

  • Is it difficult to install?

    It is easy to install for somebody who is handy. The GPS vehicle tracker needs to be placed under the dashboard (with zip ties) and the antenna needs to be placed with a view to the sky. The installation guide provides easy to follow instructions. Most customers are able to install the tracker in under an hour. If you are not particularly handy then most automotive garages can install the GPS tracker for around $100. If you need assistance, please contact us.

  • Can I conceal the vehicle device from my drivers?

    Our units are quite small and are often installed discretely. The vehicle device does not require any assistance from the driver.


    What happens if I drive in an area that has poor wireless coverage?

    The TrackingHAWK unit continues to collect and store information even if you are driving in an area that does not have wireless coverage. The unit then transmits this data when the vehicle comes back into the wireless coverage area. The online map will show the recorded path and stops in all areas, whether they were in or out of wireless coverage.

  • How often does the TrackingHAWK transmit location information?

    The unit transmits its location in near real time intervals.

  • Can I have more than one user access my fleet?

    Yes, additional user accounts can be created for your account with no additional fees.

  • How often can I access the location of my fleet?

    As often as you like. Unlike other companies, we allow unlimited access to your fleet's location with no hidden fees.

  • Why is the location incorrect sometimes?

    Vehicle location may either be incorrectly reported sometimes or off by a few meters because the availability and quality of GPS signals may be affected by buildings, natural obstacles, weather conditions and satellite availability.


    Are there any additional charges to the TrackingHAWK quote provided to me?

    No, TrackingHAWK representatives include all charges in the quote.

  • When is the monthly service price charged to me?

    TrackingHAWK invoices are issued on the 1st of every month following the month you joined.

  • What if I added a vehicle mid-month, would I be charged for the entire month?

    No, all TrackingHAWK invoices are prorated so you only pay for the number of days your vehicles have actually been active on the TrackingHAWK portal.

  • What forms of payment do you accept?

    TrackingHAWK accepts all major credit cards. You can also set up automatic payments directly from your bank account or send us a monthly cheque by mail.