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Vehicle tracking will help you regain control. But it depends on the system you choose to work with

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Stop Guessing Where Your Vehicles Are and Get Tracking From Day 1 with TrackingHAWK

Gain 24/7 visibility on GPS location, monitor driver behavior, and access detailed reports from any device. Simply install your device, login to your dashboard and stay alerted on what matters most to your business.

Real Time GPS Tracking

Real Time GPS Tracking

Live GPS tracking is all about having useful information regarding your fleet readily available to you. Not just any data, but data that is timely and accurate.The data is refreshed every 10-30 seconds providing each vehicle’s exact position

Instant GPS Alerts

Real-time Fuel Monitoring

The cost of fuel is always a concern, and fuel savings continue to be fundamentally important in running a successful fleet operation. In most vehicle operations fuel expenses account for at least 32% of operating costs, so fuel monitoring & management is the logical place to start in order to reach fuel efficiency.

Instant GPS Alerts

SMS, Email, Mobile Alerts

Set-up your account to receive immediate notifications when your immediate attention is required. Set geofencing alerts when specific boundaries are crossed or create event alerts that could affect your business.

Maintenance Reminders

Service & Maintenance

Receive alerts when key mileage points are hit to keep your vehicles in good condition. Quickly schedule service to get trucks back on the road and avoid service disruption.

Maintenance Reminders

Landmarks & Geofences

TrackingHAWK helps better manage your everyday fleet operations by storing delivery points such as company offices, branches, client locations, depots, schools, and any other custom locations.

Detailed Reports

Generate & Schedule Reports

When you need to increase efficiency, review driver activity or want to identify patterns/trends, TrackingHAWK GPS reports will make your life easier. Your data is synced in real-time and is securely backed up to the cloud.

GPS Driver Behavior

Fleet Dispatch and Delivery

Reduce costs on vehicle maintenance, fuel and more by monitoring driver behavior. With awareness you can prevent aggressive driving and keep business risks to a minimum.

GPS Driver Behavior

Fleet usage Analysis

Better fleet management begins with better measurement. It is Monitor and analyse fleet usage. There are dozens, if not hundreds of fleet metrics that can provide insight into operational performance.

GPS Driver Behavior

API for integration and enhancement

Integrate with over 150+ API/Web Services for a seamless and smooth integration with other applications, say ERP/CRM, providing you with one single interface.

GPS Driver Behavior

Supported Devices & New integrations

Over 60% of our clients had previously used a GPS vehicle tracking system and failed miserably. Chances are you invested in GPS tracking in the first place because you wanted to spend less time and money managing your fleet, and more on growing and managing your business.

GPS Driver Behavior

Truly Global

TrackingHAWK is having an unique feature of taking multi-lingual input which is readable/writeable globally. There are different formats for giving integer inputs in different syntax for different languages, which TrackingHAWK is having an in-built feature of Truly Global.

TrackingHAWK Gives You the Whole Picture

Review activity from the start of the day to the last stop, monitor driver behavior, set alerts and get the info you need to stay connected to your mobile workforce.