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A few reasons Transportation/Delivery companies chose TrackingHAWK..

Is your business having difficulties making accurate delivery estimates? Are your customers getting upset at the long wait times and late deliveries?

As your business grows and you have to send out more and more deliveries, managing the logistics of your fleet becomes increasingly complicated. If you are struggling with managing your delivery fleet, then it may be time to invest in some new tools for your growing business.

transportation companies benefit from live gps tracking on vehicles

Get things done on time

When your vehicle cover numerous locations/stops a day, wouldn’t it be easy to create and organize routes, so all delivery points are in line. And if you could serve at least one more customer than usual with the time saved, it’s profitable. If the route changes every day or with every trip, you cannot pre-schedule your trips, but you could still make use of the traffic layers to identify peak routes and get things done without delays, and can also warn of routes not to take that would cause delays.

Save time & money

Every minute spent idling on road for no given reason is wastage of your money, time & resources. Real time notifications on unauthorized stops & excessive idling could save you a significant amount of money. Moreover you could gain control over your assets, delivery schedules & field staffs; if you get a report on idling instances done by your on-field staffs, you get a clear idea on how to improve your services.

Transportation companies make benefits by cutting down fuel usage, time and operating costs by installing gps vehicle tracking devices

Being predictable on possible delivery delays is one of the benefits of installing gps tracking devices in transportation vehicles

Be more predictable on possible delays

Unorganized trips & undefined routes could add havocs to your delivery schedules. Creating pre-planned schedules with defined routes & stops help you control your trips en-route. Configuring notifications to be received in case of delayed deliveries or route deviations will help you notify the customer in advance, so you could play the responsible service owner before they come up with complaints.

Deal with delayed deliveries

There could be times when things go wrong even after doing every possible way to get things done on time. And your client starts calling you asking for the whereabouts of his package. Doesn’t matter what you say, chances of convincing them are very less over the phone; share your vehicle location with clients & let the clients do their shipment tracking live so they don’t need to call you again.

Dealing with delayed deliveries on time is one of the benefits of gps tracking devices installed in transportation trucks