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School bus tracking ensures student safety..

There’s nothing more uneasy than a parent knowing his/her kid did not reach home after school hours. It makes total sense to have GPS vehicle tracking systems installed in your school buses to ensure safety of students, coz that’s when you add value to your educational services.

Having the ability to track your school buses at any given moment means that you also have the ability to locate your driver and students more quickly.

Save time, fuel & money with optimized routes

Organizing & scheduling school bus routes by including all bus stops in line helps you save fuel by a great deal. You could avoid wrong turns & traffic peak routes while scheduling, so the busses would never be late to reach school. Not just that, assigning appropriate routes would help parents & kids too, they can avoid waiting long times for school bus to reach their bus stops. Wouldn’t it be great if parents can track trip progress too?

Schools benefits from school bus tracking through increased student safety

Ensuring student safety is one of the benefits of school bus tracking

Ensure student safety while pick up/drop off

Believe it or not, there’s nothing more frustrating for the parents waiting to pick their kid @ bus stop realizes that he/she is not their on the bus. What if you could know that the kid has not boarded bus once it starts and take appropriate action immediately. School bus tracking is not just about tracking bus in real time, it’s about ensuring safety & security of students, ensuring they have boarded & got off safely, be it at school or their house.

Peace of mind for parents

With the number of child abduction & missing cases increasing day by day, offering increased student safety values to parents helps you take your school reputation to new heights. Let the parents track school bus in real time using a desktop/laptop or even a mobile and receive notifications on each happening (student reaches school, boards bus etc) and stay stress-free throughout the day.

Parents benefits from school bus tracking by receiving timely alerts on school bus progress

Avoiding child abduction incidents is one of the benefits of school bus tracking

Avoid child abduction incidents

Utilizing GPS tracking technology clubbed with RFID cards help keep your children safe. An advanced GPS tracking device can confirm whether a child has boarded & got off the wrong bus. Similarly, knowing their kid has boarded assigned bus & travelling to the right location, provides surety to parents that they are safe and in case of any unusual happenings (gets down at wrong stop, not boarded bus from school etc), parents receive immediate notifications.

Evaluate driving pattern & reduce accident risks

Heartbreaking stories of school bus accidents being frequent nowadays, wouldn’t it be good enough to keep monitoring your school bus drivers’ performance on road all the while? With driver identification devices configured to GPS tracking devices, getting notifications when vehicle speeds over set limit, does a harsh braking, sudden acceleration or sharp cornering help you pinpoint the risky driver and take immediate action to avoid accidents.

Evaluate school bus driver patterns using school bus tracking devices