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The latest shift in the global economy has triggered many changes, including online shopping behaviours and popularity that are likely to have lasting effects for many years to come.

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It caused a stake in demand for courier and delivery services and, unfortunately, some major concerns related to it too. To assist delivery companies with that, TrackingHAWK has developed a thorough present-day vehicle tracking solution. The latest shift in the global economy has triggered many changes, including online shopping behaviours and popularity that are likely to have lasting effects for many years to come.


Generating groceries, clothes, medicine demand, panic buying, rocketing contributing services and more online sales for retailers is one thing, but the lockdown and heavy restrictions have also led to things like disrupted supply chains, poorly staffed customer service, lack of delivery drivers, parcel delays, pricey mistakes, etc.

Surely, the coronavirus outbreak has caused a burst in delivery services and couriers’ demand. Now, a great number of websites, mobile apps, and social media pages are providing all sorts of deliveries straight to the buyer’s door. Courier service providers are on the boost, servicing online shoppers who would rather not take a risk to go outside.

But here comes a problem - lack of proficient and experienced delivery drivers available for hire. In ‘The new in-demand jobs: delivery drivers and tax specialists’ article, Financial Times explains that many recruiters in the UK agree the pandemic is driving demand hardest for workers who do move stuff - like drivers. This situation is pretty similar in other countries too. Even more, already recruited ones often experience hectic workload, longer working hours, stress, and sleep distress leading to all sorts of challenges.

Keep in mind fuel efficiency will surely decrease, fleet maintenance overheads, traffic accidents and fines, loss or damage of goods to be delivered, insurance cost rise, higher medical expenses, injuries or deaths, downtimes and delivery delays, customer complaints, poor company reputation leading to fewer orders, market share loss, and shrinking profitability by inadequate driving style and wrong behaviour.


This comprehensive solution combines the best of both - digital double-sided driving recorder TrackingHAWK DualCam and special category FMx125 series or FMU126 vehicle GPS tracker benefits. A set of two must be connected over the RS-232 serial port. Better yet, these FM devices can be used together with the remote FMB device firmware update and configuration tool TrackingHAWK FOTA. Please note, to use this functionality on your FMC125 or other supported trackers, you will require firmware version 03.27.00.Rev.100 or above.

This vehicle tracker, like any other TrackingHAWK GPS device, has diverse well-conceived usage scenarios tracking specific events and generating their data, respectively. To tackle the driving issues mentioned above and activate DualCam, we utilise Green Driving (aka Eco Driving), Crash detection, Over Speeding detection, and Excessive Idling detection scenarios.


Recording Green Driving Events:- This event allows us to set up and activate tracking of 3 vehicle parameters- Max Acceleration, Max Braking, Max Cornering.

Recording Crash Detection Events:- For this event, we set up and activate tracking of 2 vehicle parameters - Threshold and Duration. GPS tracker can detect events ranging between a slight tapping on the device and a severe accident.

Recording Over Speeding Detection Events:- This event allows to set up and activate tracking of the Max Speed parameter. As above, if the pre-set value is exceeded, the FMC125 tracker registers the event and sends its data to a server.

Recording Excessive Idling Detection Events:-The event allows to set up and activate tracking of 2 vehicle parameters - Time To Stopped and Time to Moving. Now fleet management can timely gather all-inclusive data, analyse it and swiftly identify inappropriate drivers’ behaviour and improve it by taking necessary disciplinary actions, promote safer driving, reduce accidents, fleet running and maintenance cost, improve business efficiency and drivers’ skills if required, cut corporate vehicle insurance costs, provide strong evidence in court to resolve insurance claims faster, protect drivers from crash-for-cash scams, etc. Upon demand, any event can be added from other scenarios and recorded.



  • Automated hassle-free drivers’ and events tracking, recording, monitoring, and management – an accurate, all-in-one, and easy-to-use solution for delivery services utilising wide-angle dual dashcam and TrackingHAWK GPS tracker. Data available and accessible anytime and anywhere via PC, tablet, and smartphone.

  • Encourage safe and reliable parcel deliveries – by preventing costly mistakes, inappropriate behaviour, thefts and enabling informed decisions in unexpected situations at the same time.

  • Boosts workforce discipline, encourages desirable vehicle usage habits, and work ethics – constant fleet drivers’ routine events tracking and monitoring in a combination with appropriate motivation system in place will improve customer service, optimise a workflow and its running cost for any size fleets.

  • Extensive TrackingHAWK DualCam solution functionality to serve company needs – flexible configuration for a project or business needs, convenient detections such as over speeding, excessive idling, crash or others on demand to optimise fleet management, lower its running cost, traffic fines, medical expenses, and greatly improve ROI.

Why TrackingHAWK?

We offer not only advanced TrackingHAWK DualCam as such, but a comprehensive up-to-date solution for delivery services ensuring automated drivers’ tracking, recording, monitoring, and efficient fleet management for any size of businesses to meet the most demanding needs that currently exist in a global market.

Welcome to TrackingHAWK, the premier choice for cutting-edge fleet management solutions. We are committed to equipping you with the most advanced technologies and high-performance tools to meet the demands of your business

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