Oil & Gas Fleet Management

Manage your fleet vehicles, equipment and workers
across multiple job sites in remote locations.

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Key features

Foster Safe Driving Behaviours

Fleet Complete’s safety management solutions give capability to our drivers to switch off the radio frequency of cellular devices upon their arrival at a well site, which reduces potential interference with the other equipment.

Reduce Breakdown of Valuable Assets

TrackingHAWK can bridge this information gap, serving as an early diagnostics tool warning fleet managers of possible vehicle breakdowns and heavy machinery failures before they happen. It helps minimise the costs associated with downtime.

Reduce Fuel Costs and Improve Fuel Tax Claims

For instance, idling has been documented to waste a significant amount of fuel with long haul trucks. TrackingHAWK alerts fleet managers of excessive idling so they can immediately correct the problem.

How Fleet Management Software Helps Oil And Gas Industry ?

Fleet intelligence to keep you in production
TrackingHAWK helps you measure the performance of your oil and gas fleet vehicles and equipment. Get key data insights to maximize uptime and increase driver safety. Keep track of your equipment, even when it leaves cellular coverage, with our Iridium satellite solution. It is ideal for tracking heavy equipment, yellow iron, and powered trailers and assets and designed for harsh conditions or external installation. It Save on maintenance costs and reduce vehicle downtime by catching problems early.

Use Cases

Oil & Gas company achieves top productivity with TrackingHAWK
Minerals Technologies improves their operations and provide excellent customer support by greater awareness on productivity. Monitoring productivity to ensure that monthly productivity goals were being met was a priority for Minerals Technologies, whose fleet of over-the-road trucks typically travel across state lines. Fleet Manager was keeping track of the trucks’ highway miles with daily paper reports, however this was time-consuming.
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TrackingHAWK: Fueling Better Fleet Management in the Oil and Gas Industry

Lage-scale observing needs to be implemented to track oil and gas fleets to ensure the best utilization of assets, has direct impact on a company’s profitability. With powerful data collection capabilities, it has evolved beyond simply tracking locations. It allows oil and gas companies to get the most out of their fleets while lowering operating costs and making fleet management easier and more constructive.