Construction and Mining

Take control of your fleet and it's operations with TrackingHAWK GPS. Tracking for vehicles carrying few material load along with construction and mining equipment.

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Key features

Complete fleet visibility

Quickly track down your fleet vehicles by accurately tracking movement in real-time.

Improve asset utilization

Streamline operations by identifying overused or underused equipment.

Lone worker alert safety system

Monitor lone workers via GPS and receive real-time notifications when a worker is in distress.


Rugged, Reliable & Automated GPS Tracking For Construction Industry. Not only construction fleet automated with GPS tracking directly impacts customer service and employee productivity, but also reducing operational costs significantly affect the bottom line. Considering the value of heavy equipment’s and machinery used in the construction industry, cost of implementing GPS vehicle tracking system is so insignificant and the benefits are so striking.

Use Cases

Construction Vehicles Tracking With TrackingHAWK GPS Devices
Construction is a thriving multi-billion dollar business industry that not only adds a remarkable value to the economy but also requires constant recognition, especially in harsh climatic conditions, to bring maximum value and faster return on investment. This creates a need to improve the efficiency of fleet management. TrackingHAWK GPS trackers open up new opportunities and may have a major impact on construction industry.
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Construction Tools Tracking With TrackingHAWK
Construction is the most prominent industry in any society, that contributes greatly to the economic growth of a country and region. Construction instruments are an integral part of the construction sector, and the construction tools have to be managed efficiently to avoid thefts and to remain projects beneficial. Wireless technology merged with GPS tracking devices opens up new opportunities for construction sites monitoring making a significant impact.
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Mining fleet management

Manage your equipment, fleet vehicles and workers in remote locations across multiple job sites. TrackingHAWK helps you measure the various things like performance of your oil, gas and mining fleet vehicles and equipment. Get key data insights to maximize uptime and increase driver safety. Keep track of your equipment, even when it leaves essential coverage, with our solution.

Mining Cargo Control
Mining is an industry that is highly specific, trusting greatly on large equipment for its operations. Despite being rather distinctive and dealing with the issues that other industries do not have to, mining companies can manage their daily activities seamlessly thanks to technology. GPS tracking devices can help meet the challenges that mining industry is facing today and, at the same times, will prevent unnecessary cost expenses and difficulties.
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