School Bus & Student Tracking System

TrackingHAWK for schools has been especially designed for schools/colleges to know the precise movement of buses ferrying the students. It offers a management solution that uses cellular network connectivity and GNSS based location information to locate school buses in real time and an intuitive portal to significantly improve safety and efficiency of the fleet. Every school today has a fleet of vehicles picking up and dropping students to their home. TrackingHAWK students Tracking Version enables school management to track their fleet in real time. With its user friendly interface, this version tremendously improves safety and efficiency of the fleet.

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Benefits of School Bus Tracking System

The benefits of implementing a live GPS fleet tracking system are undeniable. After implementation, you can expect safer vehicles, cost savings and constant support from our staff to ensure that your business runs more efficiently.

Immediate Monitoring and Observation

  • Plan, schedule and route your school bus fleet with efficiency.
  • Parents and school authorities are aware of the students whereabouts, providing extra safety.
  • RFID student tracking system is more efficient and easier to use than typical bar codes.
  • Time-saving when compared to managing manually. Have a clear picture of worker hours.
  • Cost savings by optimizing. Reducing the need for even one bus can save you a lot.
  • Our Advanced School Bus Management System uses the most recent state-of-the art technology presently available.

Features Overview

Main features of School Management Module in TrackingHAWK

Current location report and OverSpeeding alert

Current Location report generates report with all the positions and status of the current fleet and all the speed violations done.

Built-in motion sensor for power saving

When a sensor detects motion, it sends a signal to your security system’s control panel, which connects to your monitoring center.

Digital input for engine control and geofencing control

Geofencing control and engine control allows us to manage driver log reports and vehicle inspection information all from one platform.

Tracking by time interval and SOS button

In case of any emergency press the SOS/PANIC Button to report an emergency and get real-time alert for detection on portal/SMS.

Accurate and Efficient Reports

Increase operational efficiency & utilization with complete visibility into fleet performance using realtime alerts & advanced analytics reporting

Event and Current Status Report
Information on Travel Distance, History, Speed, Stopovers etc.
Journey and Summary Report
Geofencing Entry and Exit Report
Overspeeding and Trip Report
Student Pick up and Drop Report

Features of TrackingHAWK Student Management for parents.

  • Parents can choose to get notified by SMS, E-mails, Android push notification or iOS push notification.
  • They will be notified. In short, parents stay aware of the whereabouts of their children:
  • When there are bus delays.
  • If their child gets in the wrong route.
  • In case of emergencies.
  • Unscheduled stops.