Rental And Leasing

Knowing current location, status, track history of your vehicle is critical for all car sharing and rental service providers, gain full control of your fleet with our solutions.

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Key features

Avoid illegal/unlawful usage

Rented cars may be used for illegal/unlawful activities apart from the usual transportation purposes, fact is you have no idea why your vehicles are being rented for. It’s always better to have a real time idea on vehicle locations & in case of suspicions, you can remotely immobilize* the vehicle to recover it with ease later on.

Quickly recover stolen/missing vehicles

GPS vehicle tracking systems installed in these cars could help you recover the missing ones with ease. Or, you could talk to the customer, get an understanding on geographic locations he/she’s going to cover and then create virtual areas(geofences) on map to get notified when your car leaves set boundaries.

Extend your fleet life

A breakdown or downtime could cause huge stirs in your schedules, so it’s important to know when a periodic service or maintenance has to be performed on each vehicle. After all, you do not want your customers to be stranded in the midst of nowhere on your car, coz that sounds a failed business.

Car Sharing And Rental

GPS Vehicle Tracking Helps Units Regain Control On Your Rented Cars An industry where loss or damage to one vehicle can lead to potential loss within hours; implementing GPS tracking can help improve service levels, reduce risk factors involved, decrease operational costs and gain maximum value on investment. Installing GPS tracking devices helps you gain total control on your rented cars, no matter wherever they go. Setting speed limits in accordance with road speed data helps you identify those who could gain speeding tickets. Now you have a speed report in hand, why not keep a part of the security deposit with you forecasting the fines that’s on the way.

Use Cases

Auto Dealers Use Case
New car dealers and used car dealers are two segments through which the automobile dealer industry is comprised of. In recent years, the sales of used cars have become a major source of profit for many new car dealers in the wake of diminishes margins on new cars. By keeping the track of fleet conditions, the industry can enhance customer possession and overall customer service.
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Secure Vehicle Disabling
TrackingHAWK GPS trackers have a remote fix engine break-off functionality that can help to recover a stolen vehicle and prevent the loss. Motor vehicle theft is one of the world’s biggest concerns and the fastest growing crimes in many countries all over the world. This great challenge for car rental agencies, Marshaling clubs, businesses, state organisations and private car owners caused property losses of over six billion dollars globally in the year 2018.
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Car Sharing Solution
We have seen the growth of car-sharing services used by private individuals, companies and public organization alike. These client groups, even though different, all look for comfortable and well-organized use of vehicles. Reasons to use such services include fleet optimization, benefit, a immediate need for vehicles, business trips, trips abroad, etc. Also, such matters as car insurance, tire change, maintenance, or car wash are taken care of for the client.
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Take Control Of Your Non-Vehicle Rental Assets

If your company rents or leases equipment to other companies, you need to be able to keep track of your assets. Wherever they are, you’ll know exactly where your equipment and other assets are and how they are being used. You can: maximize revenue , minimize costs , streamline processes and proactive vehicle utilization with idle inventory exception reporting, offsite lot management, and real-time vehicle location reporting.