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New car dealers and used car dealers are two segments through which the automobile dealer industry is comprised of.

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In recent years, the sales of used cars have become a major source of profit for many new car dealers in the wake of contract margins on new cars. By keeping the track of fleet conditions, the industry can boost customer possession and overall customer service.


Main tasks for fleet managers are to keep their vehicles in a proper technical condition because any failure may cause financial losses and enervate customer loyalty. Usually, car dealers have a large car fleet. According to reports, an average European car dealer has 279 new vehicles and 317 used vehicles. It is mandatory to monitor the condition of every car, even if it is parked for a longer time. In the worst cases, when a customer arrives to see a car, if the battery of the car is discharged or the fuel tank is empty, it can cost you losing both a successful deal and the customer’s trust.


Before the newly manufactured vehicles reach auto dealers, our tracking devices can be of a great use. When transporting cars in trailers or containers from a factory to the dealer’s car park, they can be accidentally damaged and, as a result, lose a part of their value. Thanks to the Crash detection feature, such damage will be detected. The dealer will know it in advance, even the exact transportation phase when it occurred, and will have an opportunity to fix it prior to providing the car to the clients. It also helps to avoid any misunderstandings between the auto dealer and the manufacturer by having a proof that the accident took place after the vehicle has already left the firm.

Our trackers can also disclose the malfunctions of the transported cars. During the whole transportation process, there will be cases when the vehicles will be need to be started, for example, to move them to a container ship or another location. Even during those short periods of driving a car, if there is something wrong with it, the dealer will be alerted with a corresponding code, giving a chance to solve the problem as early as possible.

To be timely informed about the dispatching car batteries, for your convenience, it is possible to configure our GPS tracker to send a notification when the battery reaches a certain level and is close to a full discharge. This will help you to maintain your car fleet ready for the customers anytime it is needed.

Installation of the devices usually constitute a significant part of the costs. Installing device is unchallenging and simple – you can simply connect it to the standard OBD socket by yourself. As a result, OBD solution will let you reduce extra cost.



  • Real-time tracking – track entire fleet live and the every single vehicle.

  • Keeping your vehicle safe – preventing vehicles from unauthorized driving and theft.

  • Easy installation – it is quick, simple and no special knowledge is needed to connect a device.

  • Efficient fleet management – tracking vehicle maintenance becomes an automated process with irregularities reduced to a minimum.

  • Timely maintenance and service – fleet owners can be sure that vehicles are being kept in a proper condition and ready for customers anytime.

Why TrackingHAWK?

TrackingHAWK tracking system is one of the leading manufacturers in the tracking industry with more than 20 years of experience. We offer a wide variety of easy-to-install GPS trackers, including Eagle (2G), Eagle (4G, LTE CAT1) that are perfectly suitable for auto dealers, rental & leasing, insurance tracking and other industries to manage their light vehicle fleets. Our devices effectively meet all sorts of the needs that the companies might have – from the basic track & trace scenario to complex customized solutions.

Welcome to TrackingHAWK, the premier choice for cutting-edge fleet management solutions. We are committed to equipping you with the most advanced technologies and high-performance tools to meet the demands of your business

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