Route Planning Software for Logistics Businesses

Businesses need a quick & reliable route planner to keep their logistics planning ahead of the game. Ensure prompt & on-schedule deliveries by increasing dispatcher efficiency with automated routes & schedules.

Logistics LP

Scale your business with stellar logistics

Faster planning and efficient routes are key ingredients for building your business

Reduce the time it takes to plan optimized routes by as much as 90%

Route planning with TrackingHAWK takes minutes, leaving you more time for higher level operations.

Plan a high volume of orders in just a few clicks

Plan 500 deliveries in less than 30 seconds with schedules up to 5 weeks at a time and reduce operating costs.

Change your route or schedule in seconds

Eliminate stress and minimize dispatching efforts thanks to our fully automated delivery route planning process.

Optimize routes and schedules specific to your business needs

Account for pick-up and drop-off with the same driver and include reverse logistics for your supply chain.

Why use TrackingHAWK for Logistics Scheduling?

TrackingHAWK is easy to use for drivers. We can easily add stops even last minute and reroute! TrackingHAWK gave us complete control of what we needed to complete the daily task. By making deliveries faster and helping improve your shipping process, our customers end up more satisfied with our overall service while our shipping costs are minimal. Additionally, tracking orders in real time and GPS tracking for drivers allows us to provide up-to-date estimates for customers while managing your logistics efficiently.

Easily organize a large number of deliveries

  • Multiple file formats supported, such as Excel spreadsheet, Word, CSV, DOC or through an API.
  • Minimal planning time lets you focus on scaling your business and increases customer satisfaction.
  • Account for any variables when picking the right vehicle such as number of boxes, volume, weight & many more.
  • Include returns to depot for reloading or optimize our deliveries to minimize time wasted and create the optimal route.
  • Streamline your business processes by slotting jobs into days with light workloads to improve the efficiency.
  • Schedule a backlog of deliveries or returns to be completed up to 5 weeks at a time.