Emergency Services

Emergency vehicles are very often used in life-and-death situations. That is why fleet management solution is among the mission-critical tools used by emergency services.

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Key features

Optimize emergency response routes

If nearest vehicle to the incident/accident location is a bit far, you may want to know the best possible way to reach there quickly. Road traffic data could be of help, so you can just have a look @ the map and hand over the most optimum route to the location.

Deal with emergency real quick

Trying to call ambulance drivers on road to know their locations is not the right way to go about it. With the help of GPS tracking devices you could find out the vehicles nearby location, just get the driver contact number and assign them the task.

Avoid breakdowns/downtimes

Primary thing you should consider while buying a GPS tracking system for ambulances, fire trucks or any other emergency teams is, if the system you choose can notify you on its periodic services or scheduled maintenance.

Emergency services benefit from GPS Tracking

Improving Emergency Vehicle Maintenance Vehicle maintenance is equally important for ambulances, fire trucks, and police vehicles (or any other emergency vehicle). Without maintenance, vehicles may break down on the road. Obviously, this would be bad for anyone being transported during an emergency. So, one of the most important emergency vehicle best practices to follow is to ensure that all ambulances receive regular preventative maintenance.

Use Cases

Police Fleet Management
In most cases, time is very valuable and police have to be at the needed location as fast as possible to prevent theft or other crimes that can lead to even more tragic consequences. Society’s security and safety to a huge extent rests on the efficiency of police work. Meanwhile, speed, coordination of actions and reliability of information are the key factors that ensure police officers are performing their duties properly.
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Medical Emergency Services Benefit From GPS Tracking
Where seconds and minutes are valuable, often rescue services like hospitals/emergency rescue teams, police stations etc take time to choose, organize and route the appropriate emergency vehicle to the right spot in least time. If the idea of bringing benefits by installing your trucks with GPS tracking devices sounds good to you, why not see an online demo on TrackingHAWK fleet automation system.
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Ensure asset availability, always

Safety of our society highly depends on technology that allows us to monitor, track and respond to emergency calls faster than ever. Owing to our solutions, you will always know the current location and status of your transport, thus, ensuring a timely response to any kind of situation. Real time status of special equipment, such as sirens, water pumps, or ladders, guarantees accountability and proper exploitation.