TrackingHAWK GPS Tracking Software

The TrackingHAWK Fleet & Dispatch Management Solution is a premium software/hardware platform where all the magic happens. It is completely secure and packed with features to help fleet operators make informed and timely decisions regarding the performance of their fleet/drivers. Track and manage your vehicle fleet or start GPS tracking business without big investments.

Pay monthly fee, depending on the number of assets you track. Our experts will install and run GPS fleet management software for you on TrackingHAWK cloud servers. We will customize your server name, branding logo, design and add the various integrated devices, Integrate with needed GPS devices, language or custom features. Moreover, person will get all query answered with demo and training regarding software along with 24x7 timestamp.

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Key Highlights

Advanced Tracking

Get a real-time view of a vehicle or asset's position whether it's stationary or on the move and which driver is behind the wheel. View information relating to speed, driving, direction, ignition status, driving violations, past trips and more.

Robust Reporting

Review and analyse data in detail as well as in dynamic and customisable formats(HTML/PDF/XLSX). Reports include movement, location, trip, utilisation, driver scoring, fuel, event violations and many other essential parameters.

Proactive Monitoring

Examine live information streams as well as historical data. Event information and messages from connected assets based on priorities.

Optional Services, Add-ons

Customized Development, Video Recording, Satellite Communication, Journey Management, Jobs and Messaging.

Benefits & Features

Smart Admin Panel

Admin has the power for creating, deleting, updating User's & tracker information along with various features, Reports, Profile's to be set according to their end-user's need & requirement.

Reduce Fuel Costs

Better manage fuel budgets by reducing miles driven, speed and idle time.

Save On Maintenance

Track mileage, elapsed time or engine hours to know precisely when vehicles are due for maintenance.

Protect High-Value Assets

Guard against theft and unauthorized use of expensive equipment in the field, and locate assets should they go missing.

Monitoring Driver Activity and Safety

Access real-time data to track daily departure time, confirm deliveries, validate time cards and billing, monitor fuel use and idle costs, and receive alerts about aggressive driving and speeding.

Improve Productivity and Customer Service

Communicate directly with your mobile workforce and meet service level agreements with a dependable solution that lets dispatchers send work assignments, turn-by-turn directions schedule changes and traffic updates.

Vehicle Tracking

TrackingHAWK makes use of the latest GNSS technology for monitoring of your commercial fleet, personal vehicles,assets and people using vehicle trackers, mobile phones and/or personal trackers. You can track unlimited number of devices on the platform without worrying about performance issues.

Personal Tracking

The gps devices should be installed with pre-installed sim, for monitoring of track patrolling gang with mapping customisation in software installation, android aap generation and related assistance, and these gps devices should be integrated with sim services mapping customisation in software installation android aap generation and related assistance for monitoring on web portal platform, on existing platform, "" including Annual maintenance contract for one year, as per irs terms and conditions. make /brand TrackingHAWK or equivalent or any higher configuration.

Asset Tracking

Select from a range of connectivity options to track and manage any asset from pallets, bins, generators, trailers, shipping containers, e-bikes, and more. Track and protect your assets across locations. Measure mileage or run-hours to bill customers based on usage. Receive alerts if equipment is used outside agreed hours or locations.

Mobile Application

TrackingHAWK Provided Tracker mobile fleet management apps, fleet managers can quickly view the current status of every vehicle in their fleet. You can instantly see every stop made for the day, alerts triggered by customized company rules, and make dynamic decisions due to the real time access and convenience of smartphones.

Free Development Services

Our Engineers will setup and run GPS fleet Management software for you. Customer's will get the 24/7 Technical Support & get all the queries answered with full software demo and training along with Hardware installation and Configuration.

24/7 Technical Support Services

Our Helpdesk serves as an interface between the end users of IT service and the administrators responsible for managing the service. It plays a crucial role in ascertaining service availability till the last mile, by facilitating quick turnarounds for any inconvenience to the users. Helpdesk is able to provide efficient and cost effective service through the use of tools and processes acclimatized to suit the client environment.