Solution for Driver Behaviour Monitoring

TrackingHAWK driver behaviour solutions are proven to cut fuel costs by up to 10%; reduce instances of speeding, idling, and decrease accident rate, thereby helps in negotiating lower insurance premiums.


Main features of Driver Monitoring in TrackingHAWK

Total Distance Driven

The cumulative number of kilometres a driver has accrued for a specific time period.

Fuel Consumed

Amount of fuel used by a driver, which can be impacted by harsh driving, idle time.

Idle Time

The total time a vehicle’s engine is running when the vehicle is not in the motion.


Real-time odometer and engine hour information to help keep up with the maintenance schedules.

Driver Stops

The number of stops a driver takes while on the clock, including en route to a customer or site.

Vehicle Activity

The ability to see vehicle activity and daily usage to optimise efficiencies and improve productivity.

Working Hours

The total time a driver spends delivering and completing a task at a site or customer.

Braking Hours

The total time, length and number of breaks that a driver takes on the road each day.

Driving Monitoring Advantages

  • Speed History: Fleet management software tracks vehicles’ trip history including its operating route and running speed.
  • Over-speeding Alerts: As soon as a driver starts over-speeding, good FMS will send you an alert on your phone.
  • Braking and Acceleration Reports: the software will log harsh braking and acceleration instances for future reference.
  • Fuel Consumption Reports: If your good-performing vehicle is consuming too much fuel lately, you know the problem is definitely with the driver.
  • Driver tag in and tag out: Generate report by driver tag in and driver tag out events.
  • Seat belt violation: Seat belt fastness detection using driver monitoring management is the important factor.

Benefits of a Driver Behaviour Monitoring System

Driver behaviour monitoring is an important safety and cost-saving measure. Our devices allow comprehensive driver behaviour monitoring solutions with multiple flexible options in order to collect and review data gathered. Monitor speeding events via reports and alerts with a driver safety monitoring system.

  • Recording driver safety monitoring data such as harsh acceleration, harsh cornering, harsh braking to ensure safety regulation compliance..
  • Ensuring compliance with law and regulation.
  • Providing accountability with Driver ID identification.
  • Digitally logging speeding violations for safety.
  • Hours of work/driving logged for billing, payment, and proof of service.