Police Fleet Management

Society’s safety and security to a large extent rests
on the efficiency of police work.

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In most cases, time is very valuable and police have to be at the needed location as fast as possible to prevent theft or other crimes that can lead to even more tragic consequences. Society’s security and safety to a huge extent rests on the efficiency of police work. Meanwhile, speed, coordination of actions and reliability of information are the key factors that ensure police officers are performing their duties properly.


Operators need to know the exact positions of vehicles and which of them are ready to respond to incidents for police work to be efficient. Thus, getting instant and correct information of police vehicle locations and duty statuses is vital. When an incident occurs, operators are required to identify the police vehicles in the nearest locations and which of them can be dispatched. It is critical for police not to waste time on communication while crime is in action.

As police vehicles are being operated continuously, they need to get timely maintenance to remove the possibilities of breaking in the middle of duty. Overdue maintenance can cause disruptions in police service and bring unexpected expenses.


TrackingHAWK offers consolidator a solution to the above-mentioned challenges. Professional trackers with 4G network coverage (including fallback to 2G (GSM) and 3G networks) can be set to determine location automatically and that will help to coordinate police fleets more effectively. All data will be transferred via virtual private network.

On the present police duty status by getting information, an operator can in a few seconds communicate with the available police officers and inform on the reported incident. Thus, trackers can significantly save time in assigning incidents. Also, setting reminders for maintenance based on vehicle mileage helps to avoid accidents on the roads.

GPS tracker of TrackingHAWK can be used with a device that simulates different values. Connected via analog input, tracker can detect duty status (Ready, Busy, Lunch, or Going to incident) by differentiating voltage, e.g., 5 volts can be set for duty status ‘Ready’. This way, operators can observe duty status online. Police siren can be monitored with a professional tracker as well.

It is very important for police to know vehicle door status, especially when the arrested persons are seated in the back. By connecting to GPS tracker, police can get door status and much more – such data as mileage, fuel consumption, fuel level, RPM, engine temperature, and accelerator pedal position. These features of GPS tracker will maximize fleet efficiency.

Driver identification can be enabled for protection procedures, so that only the authorized person can ride a vehicle. There are a few ways to identify driver – by RFID card or iButton.



  • Additional valuable information – an extensive range of CAN bus data parameters.

  • Timely maintenance and service – fleet owners can be sure that vehicles are being kept in a good shape.

  • Exact location on different networks – Device covers 4G (LTE Cat 1) with a fallback to 2G (GSM) and 3G (UMTS).

  • Efficient management of fleet – tracking vehicle maintenance becomes an automated process with irregularities reduced to a minimum.

  • Police duty status for efficient response – GPS tracker can recognize different duty statuses and send this data to server for effective communication.

Why TrackingHAWK?

TrackingHAWK's GPS tracker is a professional device with 4G (LTE Cat 1) network coverage. It is perfect for fleets with various needs for features and functionalities. Many industries will find this usage scenario useful including international logistics, refrigerated transport, agriculture, construction & mining, security & emergency services and more.

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