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GPS tracking devices will help meet the challenges that mining industry is facing today and, at the same times, will prevent unwanted expenses and complications.

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Mining is a industry that is highly specific & relying greatly on large equipment for its operations. In spite of being rather distinctive and dealing with issues that other industries do not have to, mining companies can manage their daily activities seamlessly thanks to technology. GPS tracking devices will help meet the challenges that mining industry is facing today and, at the same times, will prevent unwanted expenditure and complexity.


We see several challenges at various stages of the business cycle in mining industry. Logistical ones include requiring transport to move heavy equipment and transporting mined products as mining sites are usually located in remote areas.

At mining sites and in vast territories surrounding them remoteness is a serious issue, conventional radio means might not be available, i.e., none of cellular networks (2G, 3G or 4G) can be used for communication. Meanwhile, Iridium satellite network covers the entire Earth surface giving a distinctive possibility to transmit data.

Unproductive management can rapidly cause high and needless costs. By tracking the loaded vehicles, companies make sure that time is not wasted on the road and to minimize the costly risk of theft. Cargo needs to be monitored all the time – starting from the mining site to its final destination. Only under such conditions it can be delivered safely.

Effective planning and organization of daily operations needs to get information continuously and without delays, e.g. the location of vehicles even when the GSM signal is unavailable or lost. This way, a company will never lose the track of its fleet and will properly update its delivery chain that involves different kinds of transportation. All this allows reaching the ultimate goal – to deliver cargo on time.


TrackingHAWK satellite terminal can be used to transfer data to server via Iridium satellite network, when GSM network is not available. From North Pole to South Pole – it is the only network system to work at each and every corner of the globe. Hence, the information will be available without interference letting you always be in control of your fleet.

Functionality for getting accurate data of the loaded cargo is possible by using load sensors that measure weight will help both keep precise accounting records and prevent theft. If somebody tries to steal a part of cargo, the operator will get information on cargo weight difference.

Enabling driver identification is another safety measure, so that only the allowed person can ride a vehicle. As for keeping drivers safe, in case of danger, a panic button can be pressed to request for immediate help.



  • Efficient cargo delivery – Made possible by having accurate tracking data and instantly getting information even when the GSM network is not available so mining companies can maximise a fleet efficiency.

  • Protecting cargo to the fullest extent – Using geo zones to make sure that cargo does not leave the specified territory and always knowing the exact weight thanks to weight load sensors.

  • Keeping drivers safe – panic button allows reacting fast in emergency situations.

Why TrackingHAWK ?

TrackingHAWK'S professional tracker helps to manage daily operations in mining industry. It has numerous useful functionalities for utilizing the company's fleet much more efficiently. Trackers are available for different networks. Besides these devices can be perfectly applied in more industries, such as logistics, agriculture, construction, security and emergency services etc.

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