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Accidents caused by over speeding, corporate fleet businesses and insurance companies suffer from huge losses in most of the countries globally.

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Loss in productivity, reduction in revenue, paying insurance costs, as well as medical and collateral damage costs due to the accidents caused by over speeding, corporate fleet businesses and insurance companies suffer from huge losses in most of the countries globally. To help resolve this major concern, here at TrackingHAWK we have developed and manufactured a unique GPS tracker with the speed limiter feature.


Associated with crashes, speeding is one of the most commonly reported factors yet, few drivers view speeding as an immediate risk to their safety. As motorists often deal with numerous distractions and fast-paced traffic while driving, many find it easy to exceed the speed limit. However, speeding greatly and inevitably increases the risk of causing a crash that may result in a serious injury or death, road infrastructure damage, cargo loss or all of above.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration Statistics there are over thousands of people killed on U.S. roads alone annually. Overall, about a third of all fatalities on the roads are due to speeding and aggressive or sporty driving style. In short, people generally prefer to drive faster than is safe and speeding remains the number one vehicle accident problem worldwide.

Corporate driver or private driver, racing or experienced it is personally responsible for the speeding offences when it comes down to the question of responsibility. But a wise employer and business owner, insurance agent or corporate fleet management should ensure they have covered themselves to reduce risk. When drivers learn to stay clear of aggressive driving behaviour, they help protect the safety of road users and the fleet, including employees, vehicles, and any cargo being hauled, and minimize a danger of losing a driving license.


For speed-limiting in commercial vehicles many countries of the world have rules and regulations. Currently, some of them have already made it necessary to install speed limiters, also known as speed governors, while other countries are announcing that speed limiters will be mandatory for all commercial vehicles in upcoming years. So, the demand for this solution is indisputable and the market is growing constantly.

Speedometer data via pulse counter, GNSS signal or OBD device data via Bluetooth these are the three available methods for detecting actual vehicle speed. The required speed settings can be set in the TrackingHAWK configurator.

Let’s say, the speed limit is set to 90 km/h, for the sake of example. When the vehicle speed reaches 85 km/h (5% lower than the set speed limit), the driver receives a buzzer signal to alert himself. If the driver reaches the set speed limit of 90 km/h and continues accelerating, electrically operated relay will be switched ON automatically and will trigger one of the possible speed limiting options.

Electronic throttle controller is the device that controls the accelerator pedal, will temporarily deactivate the accelerator pedal. As a result, vehicle speed will gradually slow down under 90 km/h and the relay will be switched OFF.



  • Extensive functionality to serve your needs – highly advanced, configurable and efficient speed limiting solution. The rich set of features can be utilised in a combination with speed limiter functionality making it a truly comprehensive all-in-one solution for any fleet.

  • Over speeding quick fix for good – the most common and widely spread speeding problem is resolved at once and for all with a minimum effort and maximum results.

  • Lower expenses, higher profits – by preventing traffic accidents, speed tickets, delays, casualties, and insurance cost rise, this tracker very likely will improve fleet operational cost, company cash flow, and ROI.

  • Various fleets, one solution – suitable for all sorts of fleets and logistic businesses including freight forwarders, carriers, international and domestic couriers, 3rd party logistic service providers, livestock transportation, luxury and executive class fleets, etc.

  • Improves drivers’ discipline and time efficiency – great assistance for racing drivers and seasoned professionals helping to stay safe and perform daily tasks with the least waste of time.

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The undeniable benefits and reliability of TrackingHAWK GPS trackers are appreciated by thousands of drivers and business owners every single day in over 160 countries around the world.

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