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Growing world population and development of new technologies contribute to the growth in use of transport.

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To carry people and goods, businesses like car sharing services, food delivery platforms, and e-commerce emerge and expand more transportation is needed. Meanwhile, driving style is one of the factors directly influencing fuel consumption and vehicle life. If it is managed well, the saved costs can be used to strengthen a company and its competitive advantages.


Most of the time we do not think much how it affects fuel and vehicle maintenance and everyone have its own driving style. Aggressive acceleration, harsh braking, harsh cornering and over speeding pose these are the threats not only to the driver himself but also to other road users. Besides, these cases of inappropriate driver behaviour result in operational costs that otherwise can be avoided.

More exhaust gas emissions produced due to inefficient driving, thus, increasing the negative environmental impact on our planet. Making cities greener is a serious challenge that countries have to deal with all around the globe.


TrackingHAWK has got a solution – green driving functionality that collects data on acceleration, braking, over speeding, harsh cornering and no-load engine operation. This information is instantly analyzed. If the received values are beyond the set parameters, the device sends a command to the LED or Buzzer installed in the driver’s cab and alerts that he or she is driving inefficiently. The same information is also sent to a server for further analytics if required.

We have a special application to make it easier for a driver to keep track of his or her driving style. Here, a driver can see the parameters monitored by green driving solution, switch between the private and business trip modes, and see the history of the trips.

There is a possibility to evaluate the driving scores and accordingly allocate salary or bonuses of drivers to motivate them even more. Green driving solution is a very good example of how modern technology can help not only develop business, but also increase road safety and reduce negative impact on our planet. It is easily enabled and parameterized in our Configurator.



  • Increased road safety – less harsh movement means safer roads.

  • Effective fuel consumption – achieved by minimizing harsh accelerations.

  • Enhanced cargo safety – responsible driving lowers the risk of damage to vehicle.

  • Longer vehicle life – by reducing aggressive driving keeping your fleet in a good condition.

  • Reduced operational costs – saving fuel, tires and preserving suspension thanks to better driving quality.

  • Cutting down exhaust gas emissions – smooth acceleration and movement reduce engine load and, as a result, fuel consumption and gas emissions.

Why TrackingHAWK?

Many benefits offered by green driving solution and they can be enjoyed with any of TrackingHAWK’S GPS trackers. You can choose the most suitable device based on your additional requirements and network – besides our recommended 2G, there are trackers for 3G, 4G networks. Our intuitive Configurator makes it easy to select the right settings in alignment with the vehicle type, engine power and the customer’s needs.

Welcome to TrackingHAWK, the premier choice for cutting-edge fleet management solutions. We are committed to equipping you with the most advanced technologies and high-performance tools to meet the demands of your business

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