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Perfect scene for the application of remote data download and monitoring solution. Challenge Work and rest time violations are quite common problems in distribution business.

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Millions of trucks roam highways and roads each and every day delivering goods far and wide in our planet. Logistics industry is strictly regulated in the most parts of the world and especially in Europe, where digitization of tachographs is mandatory. This makes it a perfect scene for the implementation of remote data download and monitoring solution.


Work and rest time violations are slightly common problems in transportation and distribution business. Due to these violations, distribution companies often get punishment that reach a few hundred or even a few thousand currencies.

In addition to this, distribution companies in the European markets are regulated by special organization that require to present graphics from digital tachometer every month and in a correct form. Usually, companies download graphics by physically getting to the vehicles and directly connecting to tachometer.

First of all, it is time taken. Second, the administration process is complicated. Third, it is not always possible. For example, your office is in Austria and your truck is dispatched to Spain for three months. In this scenario, you will not be able to get the files on time. It might not be a problem if you have just several vehicles, but it becomes a serious point in case you have to manage hundreds of them.


Avoid problems and headache related to the administration of digital tachograph files with the help of a complete solution offered by us. Our solution is made up of TrackingHAWK’s professional device and web application.

The first component of our solution is a device from TrackingHAWK’s skillful devices family – Eagle PRO. Any of these devices can receive tachograph and driver card files, FMS live data and enriched FMS data from digital tachograph via the same CAN line – it makes installation even easier. Also, the devices are capable of reading live data from digital tachograph via the connection. You can find detailed instructions of installation in the user manual of the related device.

The next component is software dedicated to downloading and administrating digital tachograph files. There are two ways to do it. You can use special Web measuring application from TrackingHAWK or develop your own software. In case you choose the latter scenario, you will be provided with a special communication protocol, which you will use when developing software solution. In case you choose TrackingHAWK Web Tacho solution, you will be able to use our server or have application installed on your side. Either way, you are ready to go. One of the biggest advantages of using TrackingHAWK Web Tacho application is that after the initial setup you will later receive files and data automatically.

First of all, you will download the required files from digital tachographs and present them timely to the authorities. Second, you can always monitor the activity of drivers and get notifications in case their behaviour is not acceptable, for example, they spend too many hours driving, with our solution you can achieve these two goals described above. In addition to this, you can get all other data from the trucks using our Professional device.

Moreover, with the help of additional accessory measuring device Front Panel Cable you will be able to read data from the minibuses that work on 12V system. Activate the front panel interface on tachograph, connect the cable and you are ready to go. You can learn more about the technical aspects of this use case here.



  • Secure tachograph files storage – data is stored on secured server and can only be accessed by the users that you authorize.

  • Variety of supported tachograph files – we support not only the standard DDD file extension, but also Spanish TGD and French V1B/C1B file formats.

  • Easy administration of FMS reports – the solution will help to save many hours and much effort otherwise used by you and your customers going and plugging-in directly to tachographs on trucks.

  • Easily accessible software – our software is web-based, so you can reach it from any device anywhere in the world. In case you decide to develop your own software, you can design it completely by yourself.

Why TrackingHAWK?

Many partners have already tried and implemented our digital tachograph monitoring data reports solution to the best results. Besides, we are continuously working with the suppliers of other digital tachograph reading solutions what gives us a clear perception of this market and knowledge how to meet your needs in the most suitable manner.

Welcome to TrackingHAWK, the premier choice for cutting-edge fleet management solutions. We are committed to equipping you with the most advanced technologies and high-performance tools to meet the demands of your business

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